Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello again!

Well yes I suck at blogging. It's my goal to be better this year so that I can have a record of all the great things that go on with us!

Here is a quick run down of what went on since I last posted...

Halloween was a lot of fun! Connor was Buzz Lightyear and looked so dang cute. We went to our wards Trunk r Treat and had some yummy chili. And then Halloween night we went with our friend Amanda and her kids and brother and sisters to a fun park that had a booths of games set up for the kids to play. I think next year will be a lot more fun for Connor and he will actually know what is going on!

Thanksgiving we went to California. It was nice to get away and relax. James took the whole week off of work so we drove to my Aunt Marlene's house Sunday night. We stayed the first night there and then spent the rest of the nights at my cousin Brenda's house. We had so much fun playing with her 3 adorable girls. They were cute with Connor and kept trying to teach him how to read :) I thought I took more pictures while we were there but I guess I only took a couple of Connor. I wish I got some of the girls....I'll have to check if Janalee has any.

This Christmas was so much fun watching Connor get excited about his new toys! Christmas Eve we had a party at my parent's house with James' family too. Then we spent the night at my parent's and spent Christmas morning with them and went over to James' parent's house that evening. We are so grateful that we have both of our families living close so we can be around them during the holiday's!

Connor always wanted to play with the ordiments. Such a stinker!

Well current news...

Connor is almost 1 years old!! I cannot believe how fast my little boy is growing up. It makes me sad but then again I am enjoying every stage he is going through. He has taken a couple of steps but he still prefers to crawl. He has really good balance but once he notices that he is standing by himself he makes himself fall. I'm sure he will be walking soon once he gets more confidence! He does like to walk while pushing things. His favorite thing to push is this little stool my mom has at her house, and he always has to put a toy on it to give it a ride :) He is also such a big eater. I think he would eat all day if I let him. Whenever we are eating he will start smacking his lips and crying until we give him something. I honestly don't know what his favorite food is because he eats everything!! He knows how to wave hello and goodbye and claps his hands. He also gives big open mouth kisses and sometimes bits a little when he gives me kisses haha! We are done with breastfeeding. He made it easy to stop by gradually breastfeeding less and less and started to prefer having a bottle instead. We love our little guy so much! He is such a happy boy and we have a blast playing with him everyday.
Here he is with his favorite stool
I always find him sleeping in any corner in his crib!
He loves oranges!
He also used to like to hold his hands up like in the pic and he would think it was so funny!
This picture was taken a few months ago. Connor got up on the box by himself when we weren't watching and we thought it was so funny and he thought he was pretty cool :)

Well James and I have been staying busy. James has been working a lot of over time so I feel like I don't see him as much anymore :( But it is nice to see the extra money on the paychecks :) I started taking some cake decorating classes and I am loving it! I told everybody in our families that I will be making their birthday cakes this year so I can practice! I also got a gym membership at the gym my mom goes to and I have been going quite a bit. I love it and feel so much better after working out!
My 1st and 2nd cakes!!

Well I believe that is all of the news we have for now. I hope 2010 is treating everybody great so far!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Long time, no update

Well I know it has been awhile since I have done much with our blog. A lot has happened but as I sit here I can't think of anything major, just the normal small stuff. I have been keeping busy with painting my house lately. I finally finished painting Connor's bedroom a couple weeks ago with the help of my mom. I know I am so bad for taking 7 months after he was born. But I am so happy it is done. Now I need to get some decorations in and I'll be completely done. He now sleeps up in his bedroom. I know a lot of moms put their babies in their own rooms a lot sooner than 7 months but our bedroom is downstairs and Connor's is upstairs. I was having a hard time with putting him up there without me. haha! We ended up staying in the guest bedroom next to his for almost a week before I felt ok with him in there. But having him in his own room is so great. He stopped sleeping through the night for awhile when he slept in our room, but now he sleeps at least 10 - 11 hours a night. It is amazing to get my sleep!!

This is his bedroom so far...

So we got a new car. We did just barely buy a used Mazada CX7 but after having it for only 4 months the AC went out. When we took it in to get fixed they told us that it would cost over $1,100. Needless to say we were very upset because we just put money down to buy it. So James went and talked to the sales guys and they worked us out a deal for a 2010 Mazda 3. Our payments ended up being just a little more but we decided it was worth it because we never know what else would go wrong with that car a few months down the road. So I'm happy and I actually like this car better too!! :)
Well James has been busy. He got a new position at work. He is on an Alumni team which works with the students that are moving on to their Masters degrees. It is a really great position!! I am so proud of him, he is such a hard worker and is always great at whatever he does.

So you all know I cannot go through a post without putting a Connor update in too!! He just continues to change so much! And he is always making me laugh. Here are a few things he is doing...

-He is crawling and using anything and everything to stand up next to. Here is the first time he stood up! He was 7 months old!

-He is now climbing up stairs, which is why we have gates now :)

-He can fit into 12 month clothes but still fits into some 9 mo and actually a couple 6 mo. Baby clothes are so weird.

-He still growls!!!

-Music makes him dance! His dancing is shacking his head back and forth and side to side. He can even stay on beat. If it is a slow song he will move slower haha!

-Sometimes he will shake his head no when you ask him questions. I'm sure he doesn't understand but it is still cute!

-He plays peek-a-boo

-He will try to crawl through anything and everything and will also try and crawl over a lot of things too

He is trying to crawl over the bar on the chair instead of underneath because he gets stuck that way haha!

-He has been eating baby food for a couple months now and I have yet to find a food he will not eat. So I have no idea what his favorite food is because he eats it all!! These pics are from the first time he had baby food!

-A couple weeks ago I took him to the Dr. because he a lot of red spots on him. I thought maybe it could be the chicken pox but it wasn't. It was a rash caused by an infection. The Dr. said he it isn't harmful and that Connor will be just fine.
-When I took him to the Dr. they also weighed him at 20.2 oz!!
-So Connor loves music so some days while I get ready I put him in his play seat and he will enjoy the music while he plays with his toys. Well a couple times he has fallen asleep in it and it is just so cute that I couldn't pass up a time to take a picture!

Here he is at 8 months!!
One last thing, I promise...He gives sloppy kisses now! Here he is giving himself a kiss!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Stinker Minker!

Since Connor is becoming more mobile he is starting to get into a lot of stuff. I am constantly moving him away from the TV. He loves to go over there so he can play with the DVDs. We are going to put some built in shelves and drawers so that he can't make a mess all of the time! He also is getting himself in some funny positions. Last week James and I were watching TV and Connor was playing on the floor in front of us. I looked down once to look at him and he wasn't on the floor where he was a few seconds ago. I looked to the side and his legs were sticking out from between the couch and chair. He looked so cute back there so I had to take some pictures.

He also is so crazy during bath time. He splashes so much that I feel like I had a bath too!! The other night he was moving around a lot and then rolled over on his stomach. I thought he looked pretty funny!! I believe we have out grown the little bathtube :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

James' Birthday!

Yesterday was James' 25th birthday. I spent the day while he was at work making his cake. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but it was a lot of fun! My mom was nice enough to come over and help me take care of Connor so I could finish the cake! I took James to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for dinner. It was so yummy! They even sang James a greek birthday song. Our waitress at first just brought out a piece of cake and didn't have anybody sing, and James was so happy because he didn't want them to anyways. But then this guy came over and asked if we wanted them to sing and I insisted that they did, haha! After dinner we were thinking about going to a movie but just decided to go rent a movie since James got a free rental for his birthday. It was a great day! I love you James!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half a Year

Monday Connor had his 6 month Dr. appointment. He is for sure a big boy! He weighs 18 lbs 13 oz, which is in the 75th %. He has now doubled his birth weight! His height is 28.25 in., which is in the 95th %.

Each month I take a picture of him so I can see how he grows in his first year! Look how he has grown so far!

1 month / 2 months

3 months / 4 months

5 months / 6 months

He is changing every day. Here are some things he is up to doing these days...
-Yesterday he learned how to sit up by himself. It is so cute to see him sitting up and playing with his toys.
-He rolls over so fast.
-He isn't crawling but he is doing the military crawl that can get him to where he wants to go, it is just slower than crawling!
-He now eats rice cereal and I just started with baby food yesterday and he had carrots. He gave me a funny face at first but ended up loving it!
-He loves to drink out of cups. He tries to grab the cup out of your hand if you are holding him when you are drinking.
-His favorite sounds to make are growling and clicking his tongue.
-He keeps getting more and more teeth. He has 4 of his top teeth coming in now. So he now has 7 teeth.
-He loves to smile. Sometimes when I am feeding him he will stop and look at me and just smile.
-He also doesn't like it when I talk when I'm feeding him.

We have so much fun with him! He already makes us laugh all of the time!!

Here he is sitting up and eating rice cereal for the first time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday I noticed that one of Connor's top teeth is now coming in. This makes 3 teeth for him! I can't believe it, because I seriously thought he wouldn't get his first tooth until he is 6 months old. He is going to be 6 months old in less than a week, but he has 3 teeth!!! What the heck?? My baby doesn't want to be a baby. :(

Oh he is continuing to learn new sounds to make. Last week he was clicking his tongue a lot. This week he likes to grunt. Last night he was grunting so I did it back to him and we kept grunting back and forth a few times. He is so much fun! We love watching him learn new things.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer so Far!

Well, surprise, has been awhile since I lasted posted anything on here. The main reason is because I knew there was a lot that I wanted to post which I knew would take forever to write about and upload the pictures. So I have procrastinated long enough! We have been up to a lot of fun so far this summer!


We took a family trip to New York a couple of weeks ago. We went because my brother Jason served his mission in Rochester, New York. So he was our tour guide for the week! It was a lot of fun to see all of the church sites and all of the places that he lived. Connor had fun on the plane going there, he enjoyed looking out the window and also loved not being in his car seat! We flew into Buffalo, NY and stayed the night there. The next day we went to Niagara Falls which was amazing! We went on a 4 hour tour that took us to all of the awesome sites there!

My favorite part of the tour was where we got to walk up these stairs that were right next to the falls. We got really wet even though we had ponchos on, but it was so worth it!

There was this really cool part at the top of the stairs called Hurricane Deck and when you are up there you are pretty much standing right under the falls. Very refreshing!

The tour also took us on the Maid of the Mist, which was amazing too! It pretty much felt like we were in the middle of a big rain storm. I love this picture of all of us with our pants rolled up and our matching "very stylish" shoes. :)

The rest of the trip we went around to see all of the church sites. This was a lot of fun to be in the area where the Church began.

The lakes in New York look more like oceans to me. They are so big that they have waves and you cannot even see the end of them. Connor didn't care to much for the waves and the cold water, but he does love being outside so as long as we stayed away from the water he was fine!


So we were driving around looking at all of the sites and my mom sees this sign saying "Seneca Castle 2 miles" So we all decide that we want to go and see this Castle that is 2 miles down the road. Well, we go to miles and we see this sign which says, "Welcome to Seneca Castle." It turns out the Castle was actually just this small little town. Not really exciting at all. I'm sure this story is a had to be there for it to be funny, but it had been a long day and we died of laughter! I also loved that under the sign it says Slow Children because that is exactly what we were, Slow!

We went to this restaurant that is famous for their Garbage Plate. It is a plate of food mixed together. It was one of Jason's favorite restaurants. He talked about it a lot so of course we had to go. I wasn't really planning on getting one because when he described it to me I thought it sounded pretty gross and even when I saw it I didn't think it looked all that great but better than what I was thinking! So we all got one and it really actually was good!

It was so much fun to walk around the Sacred Grove. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. I just love these pictures that we got of Connor. The one with my Mom is so cute, he is totally smiling for the camera!

We also went to the Hill Camorah Pageant, which was amazing. I totally recommend that it! We went on their rehearsal night so there wasn't a lot of people there, which was nice because we were able to get a great seat!

Our last stop on the trip was the Anchor Bar. It is the restaurant the invented the buffalo wings. The hamburgers were amazing...haha...jk...we got 60 wings for all of us to share and they were delicious! It was a great way to end the trip!

James and Connor on Fathers day!

My little boy has now been skinny dipping! A few weeks ago we were at my parents and we were sitting outside and I decided to let Connor put his feet in the pool. I tried not to get his clothes wet but he loves water so much that he wanted to get all of the way in. So I took off his clothes and let him get in with Janalee. I didn't have my swimsuit there or else I would have gotten in too. He is so funny! He was kicking his legs and splashing the water. He just had a great time. He is my little fish, ever since he was born he has always loved being in the water. We go swimming quite a bit now at grandma's. We actually went swimming yesterday :)

We took a weekend trip to San Diego the weekend before we went to New York. James had some business meetings he had to go to and then we had fun going to Seaport Village, driving around, and also to the beach. I only took a few pictures at the beach, which was probably the best part!

A little over a month ago James and I went on a very quick trip to Las Vegas. We got there Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon. The reason we went is because we were working with my cousin Kent to get us a new car and we found one that was in an auction in Las Vegas. We actually ended up getting out bid and didn't get the car but we already booked a room at the Statosphere so we still were able to go and just have fun. James had never been there before so we had fun walking around looking at all of the hotels. I think my favorite part was watching the water show at the Bellagio. I think we watched it about 4 times! We have decided that one of these days we are going to stay in the Bellagio and have a room that we can watch the water show all of the time!
On top of the Statosphere! It was a very pretty view!

Before we drove home we decided to eat at Serendipity 3. I had no idea that they have three of these restaurants, but I have always wanted to eat there ever since I saw the movie. One of these days I will go to the one in NYC, but this will do for now :) We got two small appitizers and then of course we had to get one of their famous desserts. It was huge but very delicious!!
My parents were nice and watched Connor while we went to Las Vegas. They took cute pictures of him and these two are my fav. The first is him looking at himself while my mom gave him a bath in the bathroom sink and the second one is him with a spit-up mustache, haha!

Well, I'm sorry but I have to end this post with a Connor update. This is mostly for me so I can remember the things that he does. So since this has been a very long post already you can stop reading if you would like :)
Connor will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe we are almost half way through his first year. He continues to grow and change all of the time. He is so much fun and we love being his parents. Even though he doesn't talk yet I still feel like we talk all of the time. He is just starting to interact a lot more and is learning to make funny noises. There was a week where he learned how to growl and he would do it all of the time. He seriously makes me laugh all of the time. Oh and when he cries it sounds like he is saying Mama! :) He isn't crawling but he sure can get around. He just roles to where he wants to be. I love watching him play on the floor. When he spots something he wants to play with he does not give up until he gets to it. I can tell he wants to crawl because he keeps pushing himself forward with his feet but he just can't get those dang knees up. Also, since he has his two bottom teeth now it hurts when he bits and yes he has bitten me a few times while I am feeding him. It's not the greatest feeling! He laughs like crazy now and pretty much every time he laughs he gets the hiccups. He has been taking longer naps for awhile now and we starting to get on a better schedule. Mornings are nice, he wakes up around 8 and then will play on the floor for about an hour, sometimes longer, then he will get a bath and play for a bit longer, then I'll feed him and he will fall asleep and usually sleep for an hour and a half. He usually takes 2 long naps during the day! It is nice because I feel like I am getting more done during the day now :) He is such an amazing baby!
He sure loves his grandpa!

Connor will not take a pacifier but will suck on pretty much anything else, including my mom's arm. He has actually given her a couple of hickies because he sucks so hard :)

Another time my parent's were watching Connor while James and I went on a date they took these funny pictures. They said they did not put his finger like that and he was sleeping that way and when they woke him up from taking the pictures he moved his finger almost up his nose. haha!